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The IBM mainframe market currently accounts for over 70% of business data stored and business transactions processed globally. It is the platform favored – and indeed required – by the majority of large organizations worldwide. However, fewer than 20,000 organizations will ever need a mainframe, and out of these, 10,000 have one already, and they have had for at least two decades.

By contrast, the total number of organizations worldwide that require some form of IT but don't need a mainframe would be measured in tens – if not hundreds – of millions. This is a larger market by units, yet in total it represents less than 50% of the world's demand for computer capacity by value.

The mainframe is a solid, dependable, available, and scalable technology offering unparalleled security for today's e-business world, and capable of evolving to meet any future needs. Into the future, there aren't going to be large numbers of new mainframe customers, but the existing ones will grow their capacity at ever faster rates than the average historic annual norm of 30%.

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