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Embedded Systems Software engineer makes it possible to run all those high end application s of PC, now on mobile phones. Actually, various training institutes are misusing this word embedded systems, They think that only 8051 or PIC Microcontroller and understanding and uses of some KEIL software is all about embedded systems.

But now a days, the embedded systems definition has been changed, We have more advance processors (ARM7, ARM9) and Real Time Operating Systems ( WinCE 5.0, Symbian) those are used by industrial world. Learning just 8051 and KEIL will not provide you any job opportunity to any MNC.

You may get some small jobs in few companies in INDIA, those are working on temperature controller units and Lift controlling kits, beyond that you may not be able to use your skill set.

Today the IT Telecom companies are focusing technologies like, Bluetooth, WiFi, Symbian, WinCE 5.0 etc. which will take you to that position where any IT company would wish to take you as its employee.

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