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Software industry is lead by the technical experts, Here; money is directly proportional to the Knowledge. More you know, more you can earn.

We all require a regular technical up gradation of our knowledge to improve our skill set with the changing needs of Software Industry. We all get such opportunities to develop the expertise in a particular domain by continuously focusing on that area due to our professional work responsibilities and commitments, this leads to deepen our knowledge curve but we loose in terms of widening the knowledge spectrum.

These workshops are designed specially for those technical experts who wish to explore other important governing areas of software industry. We have chosen few of these niche areas where we see enormous growth opportunities due to increasing demand of expert resources.

Our objective is to diversify your profile in such areas to enable you to maintain your sustainable growth.

After this training, you would be able to design and develop the software or independent applications on the concerned platforms using the existing tools and methodologies.

We are proud to share with you that, we have already trained more than 2500 professionals in such areas where, many of them have already started their own mobile application/telecom software development companies.
SN Domain Workshop Topics Duration Video Content
1 RTOS (Mobile Platforms) WinCE 5.0 Device Driver and BSP Development 32 hrs   miracle
2 Windows Mobile Application Development. 32 hrs   miracle
3 Symbian Device Driver and BSP Development 32 hrs  
4 Symbian/Series 60 Application Development. 32 hrs miracle
5 Linux Internals and Kernel Programming on ARM9 Platforms. 24 hrs miracle
1 Multimedia Frameworks Advance Digital Signal Processing 24hrs    
2 DirectX/DSHOW Framework on Windows Platforms. 8hrs    
3 OpenMAX Architecture for Multimedia frameworks. 8hrs    
4 Image Processing and JPEG Algorithm 16hrs    
5 Video Compression Algorithm (MPEG4/H264) 16hrs    
1 Hardware A Training on Symmetric Multi-Core Processor Architectures 8hrs    
2 Application Designs for Multi-Core platforms. 4hrs    
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